College of Computing and Informatics

The College of Computing and Informatics is committed to being the recognized leader for competitive, innovative, and market-responsive computing and informatics education. Through this commitment, the College develops focused, trend-setting research excellence with national and international recognition, and is recognized as the industry leader for partnerships and collaborations.

Undergraduate Studies

The College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) offers a B.S. and a B.A. in Computer Science (CS) as well as opportunities to earn a CS Minor or an undergraduate certificate in Game Design. In addition, the College offers an Honors program and an Early Entry program.

Computer science students at CCI have the opportunity to engage in research, get involved in student organizations and collaborate on interdisciplinary teams in addition to learning about entrepreneurship and starting companies while competing in computing contests, networking with corporate recruiters and interning at top companies. Students graduate with the skills and knowledge to pursue rewarding careers or continue their studies in graduate school.

Master’s Program

With Master’s programs in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Bioinformatics, Architecture/Computer Science, Architecture/Information Technology, Data Science/Business Analytics and Health Informatics, CCI offers one of the fastest-growing and most diverse graduate programs in the country.

In addition to receiving a top-notch, nationally-ranked technical education, CCI students develop the kind of business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit and communication skills necessary for success in the workplace. Our students are regularly targeted for Fortune 500 employment opportunities, many of which begin as internships and mentoring relationships established in our Business Partners program.

Ph.D. Programs

CCI offers two prominent, and growing, Ph.D. programs. 

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology sits at the intersection of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering and provides training in both life science and programming. The program prepares graduates for careers in academia and in the biotechnology sector, which has exploded in the past decade.

Computing and Information Systems is the largest and fastest growing doctoral program at UNC Charlotte. Uniquely designed to train Ph.D. students in innovative interdisciplinary research of societal relevance, the program is staffed by a multidisciplinary faculty of international stature, offering opportunities for students to develop advanced competencies in a number of related fields.


Research initiatives are at the very heart of CCI’s mission. UNC Charlotte’s focus on research in the computing arena ranges from configuration analytics and automation capabilities, to strategies and new technologies for innovation in computing and informatics education, robotics and sensing research for Homeland Security to address our society’s defense, intelligence, and security challenges.

CCI’s Research opportunities are broad in scope and our current offering includes projects in the Top-5 Computer Science concentrations according to ITWorld.com: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Big Data Analysis, Computer-Aided Education, Bioinformatics and Cybersecurity.

Purposely inclusive, Research initiatives are open to all CCI students: Master’s and Doctoral candidates as well as undergraduates.

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The College of Computing and Informatics offers two undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science), and several graduate degrees (Master’s and Doctoral). The College also offers several degrees in collaboration with other academic units on campus. In addition, we offer numerous academic opportunities for our students such as Early Entry programHonors program, and several academic minors.