Learning Community

The College of Computing and Informatics in conjunction with UNC Charlotte offers this very exciting opportunity for students. The Learning Community transforms the way students live, learn, and succeed in their academic endeavors. We find that Learning Communities help students transition through academic and social challenges by providing small, supportive living and learning environments. You will interact closely with UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and peer mentors through areas of common interest, enroll in two or more of the same courses, and in many cases live together in the same residence hall. You will make friends and develop close relationships.

The CCI-LC is designed to jump-start the participants’ academic careers through studying and learning experiences more commonly associated with a small college: a close-knit environment and community of mutual support. Recognizing that all significant development projects today are team efforts, the CCI-LC provides opportunities both for individual work and group work through team assignments, study groups, and community-wide activities that will provide life-long learning skills and ease the transition from high school to college, and eventually to the workplace.

Computing and Informatics Learning Community

Ilana Rivkovich 
Woodward 230A