Student Resources

Students who take full advantage of the opportunities and assistance offered by various offices and departments throughout the university are the most likely to have an enriching and successful academic career here at UNC Charlotte.


Internships help you show prospective employers what you can do.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a great way to help your community while helping build your resume.

The Career Center

The Career Center offers lots of great assistance from internships to job placement. Check out a VIDEO from the Career Center to help with Internship and Employment strategies.

Visit the Career Center.

CCI Grads

CCI Grads is the graduate student organization for all CCI students. The purpose of CCI Grads is to promote scientific activities related to Information Technology and to create a friendly atmosphere where graduate students of all backgrounds can gather. Some of our primary goals include closing the social and communication gap between graduate students among the different departments and research labs as well as bringing graduate students and faculty together for social activities. Moreover, CCI Grads aims to further its members’ knowledge and experience by exposing them to industry leaders as well as academic resources both within and outside of UNC Charlotte.

CCI Grads is affiliated with Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) of UNC Charlotte. We organize technical and social activities on regular basis. Moreover, through GPSG we provide partial travel support for conferences to our members. We can be reached at

The Center for Graduate Life

The Center for Graduate Life offers a number of programs and resources designed to support UNC Charlotte’s graduate students. Located in Cone Center adjacent to Main Street Market, the CGL is a comfortable space with numerous services and amenities. Search our website for upcoming events, workshops, courses and information.The CGL – Centered Around You

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At CCI, we pride ourselves on a commitment to offering undergraduate students the chance to participate in real-world research opportunities, working alongside graduate and Ph.D. candidates as well as our world-class faculty. For information about uncergraduate research, CLICK.

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations let you start to build networks that you can rely upon for years, and often they provide opportunities to practice the skills you’re developing for the marketplace.

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