CCI Family Recognizes Its Own

On April 5, the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) family gathered in one of the salons within the Barnhardt Student Activities Center for an evening of fun and fellowship. The annual Faculty and Staff Awards Dinner featured games, raffles and even a trivia challenge, but the highlight, as always, was the recognition of outstanding members of the CCI team.

“This year, in addition to the usual awards, we also used the occasion to bid farewell and wish good luck to members who are embarking on new ventures,” said first-year Dean Dr. Fatma Mili. “Some are retiring, three of our Ph.D. graduates who started their careers with us have secured full-time tenure track positions, and our former Dean and current Director of DSI has responded to the call of duty in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is running for presidency.”

Congratulations to our winners and Good Luck to our colleagues departing for new adventures.

For a full list of awards and accolades, see below.

Outstanding Staff Award
Presented by Dr. Manuel Perez Quinones
Katie Dunn and Angela Smith

Essam El-Kwae Student-Faculty Research Award
Presented by Dr. Kalpathi Subramanian
Dr. Min Shin and Deep Ghaghara

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award
Presented by Dr. Kalpathi Subramanian
Harini Ramprasad

Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award
Presented by Dr. Zhengchang Su
Srinivas Akella

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Presented by Dr. Zhengchang Su
Soroush Razmyar

Outstanding Faculty Research Award
Presented by Dr. Ann Loraine
Xiauxia Du

Recognition of New Ventures
Diane Cassidy – Retirement
Stacey Watson – Assistant Professor, Nazareth College
Rich Nguyen – Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Virginia
Ken Chen – Retirement
Tom Polk – Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Konstanz (Germany)
Mirsad Hadzikadic – Running for President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Below are photos from the event.

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Katie Dunn (Left) and Dean Mili (Right) Angela Smith (Left) and Dean Mili (Right) Dr. Min Shin (Left) and Dean Mili (Right) Harini Ramprasad (Left) and Dean Mili
Dean Mili (Left) and Srinivas Akella (Right) Xiuxia Du (Left) and Dean Mili (Third) Mirsad Hadzikadic and loved ones Mirsad Hadzikadic, loved ones, and rest