Sanjana Sudarshan

Sanjana Sudarshan


Degree Institution: Texas Woman’s University
Degree: Texas Woman’s University

Sanjana Sudarshan earned her Ph.D. in Molecular biology from Texas Woman’s University. Her research in Dr. Brian W. Beck’s lab focused on computational analysis of protein-protein interactions. Her work mainly involved the analysis of physico-chemical properties of protein-protein interactions to predict functionally linked proteins. Her graduate work may be used to reduce the number of false positive predictions in protein-protein docking. She joined Dr. Jun-tao Guo’s lab in May of 2015. Dr. Sudarshan is currently working on developing computational methods for flexible protein-DNA docking.


Sanjana Sudarshan, Sasi B Kodathala, Amruta C Mahadik, Isha Mehta, Brian W Beck (2014) Protein-Protein Interface Detection Using the Energy Centrality Relationship (ECR) Characteristic of Proteins. PLoS ONE. 01/2014; 9(5):e97115.

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