Sri Yeswanth (Yash) Tadimalla

Yash Tadimalla
Software and Information Systems
Ph.D. Candidate
Yash is currently pursuing his Ph.D. under the SIS Dept with a focus on Data Analytics and Higher Education, in the Interdisciplinary track under the guidance of Dr. Mary Lou Maher and Dr.Frevert. He is currently a research assistant under the Center for Education Innovation (CEI) in the College of Computing and Informatics and a member of the HCI Lab.
With the intersectional Identity of being a First Generation International Graduate student with a social justice lens, Yash has served on multiple committees through the Graduate Student Governing Body at UNC Charlotte. With his Analytical Research rooted in Social Equities and Intersectional Identities, He aims to use Data Science for good on a global scale. ( His goal is to work for the UN-ECOSOC someday).
Research Areas: Data Science, Sociology, Higher Education, Diversity Equity and Inclusivity Research, HCI 
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