Zheng-Chang Su

Su, Zhengchang
Bioinformatics 351
Personal Webpage: https://sulab.charlotte.edu/
Degree Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Degree: Ph.D. Physiology and Biophysics
Year Graduated: 2000
  • Zhenchang Su , Phuongan Dam, Xin Chen, Victor Olman, Tao Jiang, Brian Plaenik and Ying Xu. Computational inference and experimental validation of nitrogen assimilation regulatory network in cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. WH8102. Nucleic Acids Research. 2006; 34(3):1050-65.
  • Andrea Catte, James Patterson; Gilbert Weinstein; Zhengchang Su; Ling Li; Jianguo Chen; Martin Jones; Marcela Aliste; Stephen Harvey; Jere Segrest . Novel Minimal Surface Conformations of Nascent High Density Lipoproteins through Molecular Dynamics. Biophysical Journal. 2006; 90(12):4345-60.
  • Zhengchang Su, Victor Olman, Fenglou Mao, and Ying Xu. Comparative genomics analysis of ntcA regulons in cyanobacteria: regulation of nitrogen assimilation and its coupling to photosynthesis. Nucleic Acids Research. 2005, 33(16): 5156-5171.
  • Jinling Huang, Zhengchang Su and Ying Xu, The evolution of Microbial phosphonate Degradation Pathways. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 2005; 61(5):682-90.
  • Fenglou Mao, Zhengchang Su, Victor Olman, Phuongan Dam, Zhijie Liu, Ying Xu. Mapping of Orthologous Genes in the Context of Biological Pathways: an Application of Integer Programming. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences U S A . 2005; 103(1):129-34.
  • Hongwei Wu, Zhengchang Su, Victor Olman and Ying Xu. Prediction of functional gene modules based on comparative genome analysis and gene otology application, Nucleic Acids Research. 2005;33(9):2822-37.
  • Xin Chen, Zhengchang Su, Ying Xu, Tao Jiang. Computational prediction of operons in Synechococcus sp. WH8102. Genome Informatices 2004; 15(2):211-222.
  • Zhenchang Su , Phuongan Dam, Xin Chen Vicor Olman, Tao Jiang, Brian Plaenik and Ying Xu. Computational inference of regulatory pathway in microbes. An application to phosphorus assimilation pathway. Genome Informatics 2003; 14:1-10.
  • Zhengchang Su, Douglas S. Barker, Peter Csutora, Theresa Chang, Richard L. Shoemaker, Richard B. Marchase and J. Edwin Blalock. Regulation of Ca2+ release activated Ca2+ channel by INAD and Calcium influx factors. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2003;284(2):C497-505.
  • Csutora P, Su Z, Kim HY, Bugrim A, Cunningham KW, Nuccitelli R, Keizer JE, Hanley MR, Blalock JE, Marchase RB. Calcium influx factor is synthesized by yeast and mammalian cells depleted of organellar calcium stores. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences U S A. 1999;96(1):121-6.


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