MS Computer Science Thesis Option

1. How do I register for thesis?
2. Can I register for 6 credit hours in one semester? 

For other information, see: Degree policies (under ITCS 6991 Computer Science Thesis)

1. How do I register for thesis?

  1. Obtain consent from a CS faculty member to be your thesis adviser and develop a thesis proposal; with the thesis adviser.
  2. In consultation with your thesis adviser, fill in the thesis proposal form at and obtain your thesis adviser's signature.
  3. In consultation with your thesis adviser, select a thesis committee with their agreement and obtain their signatures for the form.
  4. Obtain your academic adviser's signature for the form. (Usually your thesis adviser becomes your academic adviser.)
  5. Submit the form to Dora in Woodward 421A for the graduate coordinator. A permit will be given to allow you to register.
  6. Register for ITCS 6991, with credit hours as given on the form.
  7. For registering in subsequent semesters, your thesis adviser needs to send Dora an email confirming the number of hours. **Note: All sections are listed under the graduate coordinator's name and you would register for one or more of those according the number of hours you need. Although graduate coordinator is listed as instructor in Banner, your thesis adviser provides the grade to him.
  8. When you are ready to do your MS Thesis defense, schedule your room and complete the M.S. Schedule Thesis Defense Form at


2. Can I register for 6 credit hours in one semester?

Yes but only if your thesis adviser approves (1 hr + 2 hrs + 3 hrs). It is not recommended.

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