Peer Academic Consultants

2021-2022 Peer Academic Consultants

Lisa Ricanek and Jack Arnold

Peer Academic Consultants (PAC) in the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte are experienced students who provide supplemental advising and guidance to  undergraduate students in the Computer Science major.  PACs have been trained to assist in helping students find resources needed to be successful in and outside the classroom.  They can answer the “quick question” or offer another layer of support for challenging situations.

Feel free to reach out to Lisa or Jack via e-mail at or call 704-687-8656 to leave a voicemail.  They will respond as soon as possible.

More About Lisa:
Year: Third
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Why Computer Science: "The major is innovative and exciting."
Living On or Off Campus: Off
Major Concentration: Bioinformatics
Other Interests: Swimming, socializing with friends, traveling, going to beach.
Goals as a PAC: Hopes to advise peers with options for internships, classes, and answer any questions they may have.
More About Jack:
Year: Third
Hometown: Apex, NC
Why Computer Science: "Always been interested in computers and technology since a young age. I love using computers to solve problems and build things."
Living On or Off Campus: Off
Major Concentration: Information Technology
Other Interests: Snowboarding, playing tennis, watching football, video games, music, and being outside.
Goals as a PAC: Hopes to help peers with advice about classes, strategies for success, internships, and assist with any other questions.
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