CCI Teaching Certificates

The certification program is designed to (1) prepare graduate students for an academic career in the field of computing and informatics, and (2) provide a learning opportunity for graduate students to implement active learning strategies in their teaching. Students seeking to earn the CCI Teaching Certificate must fulfill the following requirements prior to their graduation:

Attend CCI TA Workshops

Attend 2 CTL Workshops

  • The CTL Calendar of Events can be found here:

    • Please remember to register and checkout to complete your registration
  • You will need to complete the “Attend 2 CTL Workshops” Google Form twice, one time for each workshop

Attend 2 CEI Events

  • Events will be posted/ announced on this document. Please check this page regularly for more information.
  • Please complete the “Attend 2 CEI Events” Google Form twice, one time for each event

Your observation of a classroom using TOP

Teach a course as an Instructor of record

  • Contact your supervisor to inform them about your interest in being an instructor of record.
  • Once approved for being an instructor of record, complete and submit the confidentiality agreement. This form is submitted online through the Employee tab in Banner Self-Service.
  • Inform your department’s students specialist that you have completed/updated the agreement. You will need a copy of your blue/yellow Employment Eligibility Verification card.

    • NOTE: If you do not have an Employment Eligibility Verification card and you are:

      • an international student: contact ISSO
      • a U.S. citizen student: complete your I9 paperwork in the HR office (2nd floor, King Bldg

Faculty observation of your classroom

  • You will need to ask a faculty member of your choosing to observe you while teaching a course.
  • Following the observation, ask the faculty member to give you feedback about your performance in teaching the course material.
  • Write a summary reflecting on the feedback you received on the Google Form

You can find the Necessary google forms on: