Ph.D. Forms

Research Rotations:
No form required. Students registered for Research Rotation I BINF 8911 and Research Rotation II BINF 8912 need to email the Graduate Program Coordinator to inform the lab their rotation will be with.

Qualifying Examination:
Qualifying Examination Committee Form required to submit before taking the written qualifying examination section (Bioinformatics Department form).
Complete and submit the following form only after passing the Qualifying Examination. This form goes to the Graduate School after the Bioinformatics Department makes a copy for your department file.
Qualifying Exam Report Form (Graduate School forms, under Exam Reports/Forms)

Dissertation Committee:
Complete and submit both form below within two semesters of passing the Qualifying Examination. Submit form prior to dissertation proposal.
Dissertation Committee: Appointment of Doctoral Committee (Graduate School forms, under Dissertation and Thesis Forms)

Dissertation Proposal and Ph.D. Candidacy: Complete and submit the following form only after successfully passing the Dissertation Proposal.
Topic Approval Form
(Graduate School Form, listed as Proposal Defense for Doctoral Dissertation)

Complete and submit the following form only after successfully defending your Dissertation.
Dissertation Defense Report (Graduate School Form, listed as Defense Report for Doctoral Dissertation)

Dissertation Defense Announcement: Submit on Graduate School website.

Transfer Credit:
Submit an academic petition to transfer credits (internal or external). Petition type: Transfer of credits

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