M.S. Course Rotation

Two-Year Rotation Schedule for Computer Science graduate courses

CategoryFall EvenSpring OddFall OddSpring Even
CoreITCS 6112ITCS 6112ITCS 6112ITCS 6112
CoreITCS 6114ITCS 6114ITCS 6114ITCS 6114
CoreITCS 5141/6182ITCS 5141/6182
CoreITCS 5102ITCS 5102ITCS 5102ITCS 5102
Data ManagementITCS 6160ITCS 6160ITCS 6160ITCS 6160
Data ManagementITCS 6162ITCS 6162ITCS 6162ITCS 6162
Data ManagementITCS 6157ITCS 6163ITCS 6157ITCS 6163
Data ManagementITCS 6100ITCS 6100ITCS 6100ITCS 6100
Data ManagementITCS 6190ITCS 6155ITCS 6190ITCS 6155
Networking and Distributed ComputingITCS 6166ITCS 6166ITCS 6166ITCS 6166
Networking and Distributed ComputingITCS 5145ITCS 5145ITCS 5145ITCS 5145
Networking and Distributed ComputingITCS 6132ITCS 6167ITCS 6168ITCS 6167
Visualization and Computer GraphicsITCS 5122ITCS 5122ITCS 5122ITCS 5122
Visualization and Computer GraphicsITCS 6120ITCS 6124ITCS 6120ITCS 6124
Visualization and Computer GraphicsITCS 5123ITCS 5121ITCS 5123ITCS 5121
Intelligent & Interactive SystemsITCS 6150ITCS 5152ITCS 6150ITCS 6111
Intelligent & Interactive SystemsITCS 6156ITCS 6151ITCS 6156ITCS 6050
Intelligent & Interactive SystemsITCS 6134ITCS 6134
Applications (Game Development)ITCS 5230ITCS 5231ITCS 5230ITCS 5231
Applications (Game Development)ITCS 5233-39ITCS 5232ITCS 5233-39ITCS 5232
OtherITCS 5161ITCS 5161