CS Academics

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the cornerstone of modern information technology. It has revolutionized how we learn, communicate, entertain, conduct business, perform research, and practice medicine. This information revolution is just beginning and is providing computer scientists with nearly limitless opportunities to make satisfying and enriching contributions to society.

Why Major in Computer Science at UNC Charlotte?

The goal of the Department of Computer Science is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, background, desire and finesse they need to be part of the information technology revolution. We achieve this goal with programs that:

  • employ state-of- the-art teaching techniques
  • expose students to real-world situations that either come from, or mirror, industry and business
  • encourage students to work in teams to cooperatively solve problems
  • connect faculty who are on the cutting edge in computer science research with students
  • produce graduates who are up-to- date, know how to stay up-to- date, and are able to apply computational thinking in business and industry
  • maintain entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages self-initiative and innovation.