Molecular Biophysics Concentration

Molecular Biophysics is a highly interdisciplinary area of research that combines concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology, and uses them to explain the functions of fundamental biological molecules such as proteins, DNA, and RNA.

The Molecular Biophysics concentration is designed to provide doctoral students with a background in physico-chemical principles of biomolecular structure and dynamics, in addition to applications of biophysical methods to biomolecular systems. Students have access to a wealth of resources, both through individual faculty laboratories and a suite of shared equipment that promotes interdisciplinary studies. The program emphasizes a collaborative approach that promotes interactions between different labs, fosters a teamwork-oriented environment, and ensures that students are well-supported in their research, benefiting from both specialized expertise and shared resources.

The curriculum requires students to complete 8 graduate credit hours; courses taken toward this concentration will also count toward the student’s graduate degree.

Career Opportunities

The set of skills acquired by students in the Molecular Biophysics concentration is in demand by academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutes, public and private consulting firms, and government agencies. The interdisciplinary training prepares students for careers that span a wide variety of research fields, including pharmacology and medicine, protein/peptide design, vaccine research, and biotechnology.

Commonly Asked Questions

What courses are required?

Only 8 credits are needed to successfully complete the Molecular Biophysics track within a ‘home’ Ph.D. program; please click here to access our Curriculum page in more detail. 

How do I enroll in the Molecular Biophysics concentration?

  • Speak to your existing program advisor to see if Molecular Biophysics aligns with your academic and career goals
  • Please use the Contact Us page to send us a brief message indicating your interest in pursuing the Molecular Biophysics concentration; include your current Ph.D. program and information regarding your current standing in the program (i.e. year, completed coursework, advisor name, etc.)
  • Expect an interview within 1-2 weeks if you are eligible for the concentration