Evening Computer Science MS Degree Program

The Department of Computer Science offers a path through the Computer Science M.S. degree program by taking only evening classes (5 pm or later), focussing on data management and networks. The following twelve courses are offered in the evening on a three-year rotation schedule with two courses offered each semester such that it is possible to satisfy the program requirements and graduate within three years by taking a suitable selection of ten of these evening classes. The rotation schedule can be found below. This program should be particularly interesting for working professionals.

Evening Computer Science M.S. Degree Program
Course Rotation Schedule
(Repeats every three years)

Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Fall 2022
ITCS 6112 ITCS 6160 ITCS 6163 ITCS 6182 ITCS 6114 ITCS 6162
ITCS 5161 ITCS 6166 ITCS 5145 ITCS 6120 ITCS 5121 ITCS 6150

Other courses including ITCS 6880 Individual Study may be available in all areas in the evening on demand. All three data management courses need to be taken to form a concentration. Other concentrations are possible using courses that may be offered in the evening in addition to above.


  • ITCS 6112 Software System Design and Implementation
  • ITCS 6114 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • ITCS 6182 Advanced Computer Architecture

Data Science Concentration (DSC)

  • ITCS 5121 Information Visualization
  • ITCS 6160 Database Systems
  • ITCS 6162 Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  • ITCS 6163 Data Warehousing

Software, Systems, and Networks Concentration (SSNC)

  • ITCS 6166 Computer Communications and Networks
  • ITCS 5145 Parallel Computing

AI, Robotics, and Gaming Concentration (ARGC)

  • ITCS 6120 Computer Graphics
  • ITCS 6150 Intelligent Systems

Free elective

  • ITCS 5161 Intellectual Property Aspects of Computing