Undergraduate Minor in Bioinformatics and Genomics Program Requirements

Designed to introduce students to the collection, informatics analysis and interpretation of data derived from genomic and biological macromolecular investigations, this minor field of study will provide students with a foundation of understanding and the computing skill necessary to communicate in the increasingly data-centric life sciences. In addition to gaining first-hand experience with current technologies for high-throughput data generation, students will receive training in up-to-date methods for data handling and interpretation while developing an understanding of critical issues in bioinformatics research design, statistical data analysis, and the application of genomics domain knowledge.

Program Contact

In order to declare or change a major/minor, students presently enrolled at UNC Charlotte can contact Dr. Whaley to submit a Change of Major/Minor request.

Program Requirements:
The minor in Bioinformatics and Genomics requires a GPA minimum of 2.0 and 15 credit hours consisting of the following required courses.

  • BINF 1101: Introduction to Bioinformatics Research (4)
  • BINF 2111: Introduction to Bioinformatics Computing (4)
  • BINF 3121: Statistical Bioinformatics (3) or BINF 4211: Applied Data Mining for Bioinformatics (4)
  • BINF 3101: Sequence Analysis (3)
  • BINF 4600: Bioinformatics Seminar (1)

Course Descriptions