SIS Graduate Certificates

The Department of Software & Information Systems' graduate certificate programs add valuable skills for new and established professionals seeking advancement in Cybersecurity and IT



Graduate Certificates in Software & Information Systems (SIS) are stand-alone credentials that consist of 12-15 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in a specialized area of study within the Cybersecurity and Information Technology domains.  Our project-based practical learning environment allows participants in our certificates to directly apply what they are learning in class to the IT field.  You have the option to pursue any of our three graduate certificate programs in a traditional, on-campus setting or 100% online through Distance Education.  Successfully completed SIS Graduate Certificates carry significance in industry as well as support admission into and completion of our MS Information Technology or MS Cybersecurity programs.  


SIS Graduate Certificates

  • Human-computer Interaction - offers advanced knowledge and skills in human-centered design methods as well as in designing, prototyping, implementing, and evaluating user interfaces.
  • Information Security & Privacy - offers advanced knowledge and skills in understanding management and application of cybersecurity and privacy technology.
  • Management of Information Technology - offers advanced knowledge and skills in management of computing and information technology.

All three programs are available 100% online at a reduced tuition rate through Distance Education!
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Distance Education graduate certificate offerings.

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