The STARS Computing Scholars

STARS Computing Scholars

Duke Energy STARS Computing Corps Scholarship

Currently, at UNC Charlotte, there is a dedicated STARS service learning seminar course (ITCS 3610) and a STARS student organization. The course is offered every semester, with an enrollment of 15-30 students. Throughout the class, students participate in team-based computing service-learning projects in the community. We have ongoing partnerships with a number of K-12 schools in the CMS district, most of which have a high percentage of underprivileged students. The STARS student organization is composed of a large number of highly motivated students who are dedicated to fostering STEM interests in K-12 students. They organize various outreach events to teach young students computer science. These include workshops, afterschool programs, and science fairs. In addition, at the collegiate level, the organization hosts a variety of workshops and social events to help promote a well-involved community focusing on engagement, career preparation, and community service. To recognize the efforts of these students, in 2018 the Duke Energy Foundation established a Duke Energy STARS Scholarship at UNC Charlotte. Each year, scholarships are awarded to 40 recipients.

More information about the STARS Student Org can be found HERE.
We recently launched a website for the STARS scholars, which can be found HERE.

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The Alumni Gives Scholarship allows students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the technology community.  This needs-based scholarship empowers students to overcome financial hurdles while pursuing their education goals and gives preference to underrepresented populations within the CCI student body. 

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